A short introduction of my new website, the process making it, and some life events. 3 minutes to read.

Welcome! This is my new website. I became discontent with the way my old one was, since it mostly served as a landing page for all my other stuff. With this new site, I’m hoping to actually get into writing some things and finding a place to flesh out thoughts rather than just letting them sit around in my head.

Creating this site has been a fun task. I’ve done enough things with static sites to kinda hate them at this point due to my stubbornness; I’ll give a short overview of the process it’s been.

After making makedown, and the annoying chore that proved to be, I started to make myself more familiar with AsciiDoctor. I eventually started to work on making content with it, and found it to be a joy to write in. Having an actual standard developed around it and being extended with actual features as needed is something that Markdown still hasn’t really caught up to as the years have gone on, despite the work of the CommonMark group.

Before writing setting up this site, I had been first working with a long-time document that I had laying around: my pile of notes on Mutiny, my kinda-sorta project to make a Linux distro that can be best described as "what would my computer look like if we already had communism".

I’ve made almost no progress on it, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles I suppose. It’s been a fun experience in writing documentation and thinking about system architecture at least. It is a testament to how I focus on optics too much that I spent too much time perfecting the font choice for the Mutiny™ "I totally didn’t steal this aesthetic from Halt and Catch Fire, the show that I now see as a personal lesbian awakening"[1] logo than I did actually making the stupid thing.

Mutiny logo
Figure 1. Keep it real though, you know it’s really cool lookin'.

After discovering that AsciiDoctor was really fun to work with and generated some very pretty documentation by default, I’ve basically given up on Markdown. Another perk, one that drew me into it when working on Mutiny documentation, was that it allows for rendering into HTML and man(7) format. One of choices with Mutiny was that all documentation should be accessible from the system without needing to access the internet, so this was pretty good.

Eventually, I altogether gave up on trying to make my own static site build systems, and gave in to the fact that I’m exhausted and my time on this Earth is limited. That’s why it says "created with Jekyll" on the footer. Jekyll has been a joy to use and it’s been nice for just getting the site running and not spending what feels like eternity working on making the tools to make the site.

Aside from this, I hope to discuss on here some of my more recent habits: OpenStreetMap [2], philosophy and gender studies, and music. Hopefully I keep this up.

1. Have you seen Mackenzie Davis/Cameron Howe in that show? Jesus.
2. You’ll be seeing too much about this one probably.

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