A picture of me Kylie McClain (Somasis)

Hi. I’m Kylie. I’m a twenty year old woman pursuing a B.A. in philosophy. I also make music and love to compute.


Ivy Hollivana & ANDR - Hawk & Crow (Somasis remix) Human Action Network - Wickd Handl (Somasis remix) Sunraiser / Revolution Means Beauty Live from the Tapedeck Spaceship Rejected from the Tapedeck Spaceship The Infinite Sadness Scattered, We Unified A Most Beautiful Sight the lonesome planetarium sleepless


Past projects

Most of these things still function fine, but I don’t personally use them much anymore and thus consider them of the past.


My email is kylie@somas.is; my PGP key is 0x37133B9826BBB5C2. My Matrix ID is @somasis:matrix.org. My Discord is somasis#5867.